Something I feel like no one is addressing is the fact that this happened.

What I think about 'Taking this one to the grave'


Alison is insane, I think she killed her own mother, Ian, Garret and Mona. I think she DID kill Mona. I know you’re saying NO WAY because her face wasn’t shown. But that’s what the producers want us to believe “Oh, her face wasn’t shown, so Ali wasn’t the killer.”. Wake up. Please.

She lied to…

Mrs. DiLaurentis planned Bethany’s death


(I’m not saying Mrs. D killed Bethany herself, I think she planned Bethany’s death.)

I’ve always wondered why the person in Alison’s grave killed. Now that it has been confirmed to be Bethany Young, I can’t help but wondering, was she supposed to be killed? As a distraction for Alison to escape, perhaps? 

But who would want to help their daughter escape? Mrs. DiLaurentis. 

I think that Mrs. D got close to Bethany to help her daughter out. Alison did tell her mother about the threatening texts she was receiving, so maybe Mrs. D planned to get Ali out of Rosewood safely. But things went wrong, her daughter was killed, and Bethany as well. 

We know Mrs. D was protecting the person who killed Ali. What if she found out who -A was, and wanted to get her daughter away from the creep?

Here’s why I think Mrs. D was planning on using Bethany as a distraction, ultimately getting her murdered too:

The clothes:

This is what Alison was wearing:


These were her shoes:


Now this is what Bethany was wearing. Literally the exact same thing, right down to the shoes:


Who gave Alison her top? Mrs. DiLaurentis:


This means that Mrs. D knew what her daughter was going to wear. If she knew what Ali was wearing, then she knew how to dress Bethany to match Alison. 

"Rich Lady" 

According to Big Rhonda, a rich lady with a big beige purse took Bethany out, and bought her things. 

Assuming Mrs. D is this “Rich Lady”, that could prove that Mrs. D bought Bethany the outfit she was wearing the night Alison died. 

Mrs. D’s Reactions:

When Alison was telling her that she was heading out for the sleepover, Mrs.D said that she didn’t want Ali to go out that night. 

Hmmm, why would she want Ali inside? Unless she knew Bethany was outside, dressed like Ali, waiting as a decoy-prey. And didn’t want Ali outside incase the murderer found the real Ali-not the pretend Ali, (Bethany).

She was also talking to someone over the phone that night, wondering “how could this happen”. What if she was talking to Radley? We knew she was on the board of Radley. What if she was called about Bethany’s escape? 

If Mrs.D planned Bethany’s escape to help her own daughter escape, she would’ve had to pretend to be worried and concerned over a missing patient. 

Plus, after seeing Alison walk back to the house, her reaction to her murder didn’t really make sense to me. I don’t know maybe people handle traumatic situations differently but, I can’t help but note that her reaction wasn’t that of a normal mother’s. Shouldn’t a mother immediately weep upon seeing their child hurt? Or at least cry? Scream, thrash maybe? Mrs. D just covered her hands over her mouth a run outside. 

Maybe she was more shocked that Ali was killed, not Bethany. Or maybe it’s over analyzing a reaction, I don’t know. 

I know this theory has holes, some things don’t add up or make sense but, I’ve always thought Mrs. DiLaurentis was very suspicious. And got away with something we’ve yet to find out. I think it’d be really cool to have Mrs. D plan Bethany’s death but then something went wrong- and Ali ended up dying, as did Bethany. 

I’m not saying Mrs. DiLaurentis killed Bethany herself, like I stated previously. I think she planned for Bethany to die. 

(NEW EVIDENCE) Something you may have overlooked…


So, as I am sure many of you are as well, I am spending my summer holidays watching back to back episodes of PLL. But I re-watching random episodes not just for the entertainment but to see if I can stumble upon any overlooked, frees clues. So instead of just rambling on I’m just going to get straight into it:

I was watching Season 5, Episode 2 and in the scene when Aria was laying down on her bed thinking about Shauna’s death, I noticed that Aria was reading a particular book. I immediately paused the show and took a mental note of the title (Paradise Lost).


I then typed it into google and.. well I’ve bullet pointed the rest so you can absorb this information faster:

  • Paradise Lost centres around the story of Adam and Eve (Ezra and Aria) and how they committed sins (murder?) by eating from the forbidden tree. Adam mainly committed sins due to is love for Eve (this links quite well wit previous theories about how The Great Gatsby links with Ezra and Aria)
  • Paradise Lost is also about the separation of Good and Bad (Heaven and Hell) and in that exact scene Aria was wearing this top which as You’re No Good written on top of it (suggesting that Aria is on the bad side, maybe?).


  • The book also focuses on Eve (Aria) having many dreams and in that exact scene Aria was having dreams/thoughts about when she killed Shauna.


  • After checking out google images I immediately found the similarities with the drawings about Paradise Lost and the drawings Bethany Young did of Mrs DiLaurentis! And as we all know the producers like to give away subtle hints here and there! After seeing how similar the drawings are I realised that this can’t be a mere coincidence.



(I found the picture above from here)

Feel free to expand upon this theory (credit would be really appreciated tho)! If I am not mistaken, I think I read somewhere (when I was searching about Paradise Lost) that there was a war or something, which links with other theories I’ve read before about there being two teams (pro Alison/against Alison)(Red/Black) and this links with the scene when Mona’s talking to a group of people about how they can bring Alison down (in other words, she’s building up an army) and even Melissa and Paige mentioned that something bad and big is planned to happened to Alison.




But hopefully this gets you guys thinking about more theories! If you did expand upon mine ten feel free to message me and let me know because I would love to check it out :)


Toby: say it… say it out loud…..



Aria Is A Theory: Episode 5x11 (August 19th/14)


Aria is always so fucking shady, and tonight’s episode was no exception. 

First off, what the hell did Aria whisper to Mona during the movie that scared/upset Mona so much that she ran away to cry in the washroom?


What makes it even more strange and shady is that the scene playing on the screen the second that Aria whispers to Mona, is of a woman being strangled/presumably killed:


Then when Aria follows Mona to the washroom, what does Mona say?


Also, at the very beginning of the episode, did anyone else notice how right when the girls were on their way to confess to the police, Aria is standing behind all of them… and she looks them up and down. Then IMMEDIATELY the girls receive a message from A via the TV screens behind them.


Later on when the girls are questioned by the detective Tanner, Aria’s the one who’s most scared (and looks most guilty). She even says:


Near the end of the episode, detective Tanner goes to Aria’s house, much to Aria’s horror:


Tanner warns Aria’s father that she’s “certain that Aria is part of the complications”. Is that a hint towards something deeper/bigger?

Finally, I just wanna refresh everyone’s memories to when creator Marlene King hinted at who ‘A’ is a while ago via Twitter by posting this:


These are Aria’s outfits in some of the future episodes following that tweet:








Judging by the images from the promo stills and the official ABC Family promo, looks like My Mona will be the one to die :(

Also, Hanna in tears.







Okay, so Ali paid Cyrus to confess to kidnapping her, and then to get him out of jail.

Classic Ali.

Secretly admitting to being A or just another big fat lie?

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You guys should probably know that ‘bata bata’ translates to ‘child child’ in my language, Tagalog.


Tonight’s episode is called A Dark Ali. The season 3 Halloween episode was called This is a dark ride. That episode was set on the Halloween train. ‘Full steam ahead’, Marlene? Sounds pretty train-like to me! Is this a clue that tonight’s episode will be a parallel of This is a Dark Ride? Maybe …

PLL/Gatsby Theory


DISCLAIMER: Most of this information is from other PLL theories. And the Great Gatsby Allusions are from Alloy Entertainment

Okay so if you’ve seen at least one episode of Pretty Little Liars from season one, then you’ve seen a reference to The Great Gatsby. And they almost always seem to be situated around Ezra and Aria. imageIn short, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about Jay Gatsby’s undying love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, which ultimately causes him his life. It’s about irresponsible rich people who have no concern for the damage they cause.

In Pretty Little Liars, there are many Great Gatsby references.

1.The first being the most obvious one. Ezra’s surname is FITZGERALD.

2. The Great Gatsby is required reading in Mr. Fitz’s Honors English class at Rosewood High. Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna are spotted with the book in hand in the Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode “Salt Meets Wound.”

3. In Pretty Little Liars Season 2 episode titled “Blind Dates,” the Liars find themselves staring at a creepy billboard right after they receive a text from A about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. The ad features a pair of bespectacled, long-lashed brown eyes and the follow text: “Dr. Lars Thorwald, O.D.: Someone’s Watching You So Look Your Best.” If we recall correctly, Fitzgerald describes a similar unsettling scene in The Great Gatsby. The only differences between PLL’s and Fitzgerald’s faded billboards is that Fitzgerald mentions a set of blue eyes, belonging to a man named Dr. T.J. Eckleburg.

4. In the PLL Season 1 episode called “Know Your Frenemies,” notes about The Great Gatsby are written on the board (“Gatsby = the corruption of the American dream), when Noel Kahn enters the classroom and attempts to blackmail Ezra into changing his essay grade. Here’s the full excerpt Ezra has posted on the blackboard: “I couldn’t forgive him or like him but I saw that what he had done was, to him, entirely justified. It was all very careless and confused. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy—they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made….”

image5. In the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Halloween special, Aria Montgomery doesn’t go for a witch costume or a princess one. Instead, the glamorous brunette dresses up like one of the book’s main characters, Daisy Buchanan!

6. In the PLL Season 1 mid-season finale, Hanna Marin is plowed down by an SUV at Mona’s  birthday party, much like Tom Buchanan’s mistress Myrtle is by Daisy in the Great Gatsby.

But the references aren’t just to The Great Gatsby. In “A Is For Answers”, Ezra is reading Tender Is The Night by Fitzgerald.

So anyways, all these Great Gatsby references and allusions made me think that maybe The Great Gatsby is a clue and that Ezra and Aria are Daisy and Gatsby.

But I have a tendency to over think so naturally, that’s what I did. And I thought what if they allusions aren’t to The Great Gatsby but to Fitzgerald himself. And that Ezra and Aria aren’t Daisy and Gatsby but Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.

Fitzgerald and Zelda had a very complicated relationship much like Ezra and Aria. She was the rich golden girl and he, not so much. In 1930, Zelda was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

So here’s my theory:
If Ezra is supposed to be Fitzgerald and Aria is supposed to be Zelda. Than this could mean that Aria is a schizophrenic.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses; Act normally in social situations. It can also be hereditary.

-Byron once said that mental disorders run in the Montgomery family.

image People with schizophrenia don’t have normal emotional responses. In this photo, Ms. Marin has just been released from prison. All the girls are extremely happy except Aria’s facial expression shows anything but that… image In this episode, Dr. Sullivan has to draft up a patient file for all the girls except Aria. She already had one. Which indicates that she has been a patient before. This is probably the biggest hint about Aria mental instability. image The word “schizophrenia” roughly translates to “split mind”. Many people confuse this with multiple or split personality disorder but they’re not the same thing. It just means that the brain is more or less split in half, between what’s real and what’s not. In this photo the broken mirror literally splits Aria in half. I think this might have been a clue. image Okay, now I know the Black Swan is about a girl with multiple personality disorder but I thinks it’s safe to note that it’s still about a person with a mental illness and they only person who dressed up like the Black Swan is Aria. image Now I know with everything these girls go through on a daily basis, believing that someone is trying to hurt you isn’t exactly that suspicious. But what if, this was yet another symptom of her schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia suffer from hallucinations and paranoia.


This is yet another big clue. That fact that Eddie remembers indicates that she was in fact a Radley patient once upon a time. 

Okay, so you’re thinking “well how could she be a schizophrenic without her friends ever finding out?” Under the right medication, schizophrenia can be treated to a point where if the patient continues to regularly and properly takes his/her medication, they can function normally. To the point where if someone didn’t know already that a person has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, they won’t suspect anything.

My theory is that Aria was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was a child. And she was being properly treated so no one outside of her family ever knew. When Alison disappeared, it worsened her symptoms which is why her family went to Iceland. So they can treat her in a place where they weren’t under the scrutiny of the media or their friends. I mean think about it, no one knows what Aria did while she was away in Iceland. She’s never even told her friends once. If I got to go on an exotic vacation, I’d be bragging nonstop. I think the reason she hasn’t shared any memories about Iceland with her friends is because she was holed in a place probably no different than Radley being treated for a mental disorder.  

So as you probably already know, I’m not expert in all things schizophrenia, if you are or you know more and I’ve missed something please feel free to share it with me. 

Also, if you don’t know a damn thing about schizophrenia but you’ve noticed some strange things about Aria then also feel free to share - because sharing is caring. 

And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to hit that ask button. 

**I will continue to build on this theory as the show progresses. And with the whole killing Shana - even if it was self defense - I feel like we’re going to see more things that will indicate Aria’s mental instability.**


In the 5x11 promo, we see someone dragging a shovel wearing red flats and jeans (bottom photo) and it seemed familiar to me! I looked back to Spencer’s outfit on the night Ali “disappeared,” and it’s a match!

I’m thinking that this clip has something to do with Melissa’s big secret and her motive behind it. What do you think??

Wren as -A


Since the beginning, I’ve always thought Wren was shady and that there was something off with him. 

I think that either Wren is -A or is working with -A. Reasons why:

1- Nosey bitches die

The infamous picture of Dr. Sullivan’s office being trashed is:


What’s weird about this picture is the way -A spells “nosey”. -A spelled nosey the U.K way, not the American-English way. Who do we know that is British?

2- Is he even a real doctor?


What kind of a doctor spells diagnosis wrong? If you’re a doctor working in Radley, I hardly believe you’d never used the word diagnosis before. 

3- The birds 

A strange connection really, there are many birds seen throughout PLL, one is different from the rest:

-the girls wear bird-themed clothing a lot:


And then there’s Tippi the bird. It’s a unique name, Wren. Funny enough. Wren is a type of bird too. Why the connection?

Other notable facts about Wren:

-He’s worked in Radley- -A has to be someone who has easy access to these places, -A did get Mona out alot

-We know Board Shorts is older than Ali, and who else have we seen on this show besides Wren in board shorts? I mean he was literally board shorts: (pilot)


-Marlene King says -A lies ALOT, Jenna claims that “even a lie would sound good in that accent”. 

-His family has mental illnesses- maybe that was passed onto him?

-Anyone remember when the girls blocked texts and calls from any unknown numbers? Well when Wren claimed he tried to call Spencer, he stated that he couldn’t because she was blocking his number.

-Alison could’ve known him: remember this? (The First Secret)



What doctor would secretly see a young girl? Maybe one who isn’t as much as a doctor as we think.

-Plus that means that Wren has access to medical things such as autopsy’s , medication, money.

Wether Wren is -A or not, I find him to be a curious character; we don’t really know a lot about Wren. And his motive could be something we’ve yet to find out.