To all the “Aria is -A” supporters:



You might wanna know that “Aria” is the italian word for “air”, the doctor Toby spoke with kept on repeating something about the “air” crushing some people and he also said that there was a strange “air” around the blonde girl.

Just so you know!

This is why I love PLL fans


Who has a twin? Hanna.

I have my suspicions about other characters having a twin, but I’m keeping my eyes open for more evidence pointing to Hanna.

I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THIS: “A” went after Hanna’s mom hardcore last season, doing everything in their power to have her framed for Wilden’s murder. If the twin can’t have a loving mother, why should her sister, Hanna?

Send me anything you guys find! Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous: I'm thinking that the girl who was with Mona is Sarah Harvey. Marlene said that we would be shocked at who is in the box and literally everyone thinks that Sarah is in the box. I bet it's Toby's mom or Maya in the box. There would be no other reason to bring Sarah up in the show unless it was to bring closure to her friends or as we know our writers, TO COMPLETELY CONFUSE US AND MAKE SARAH SOMEHOW A PART OF THE A TEAM.


But I don’t understand how they could confuse Toby’s mom’s body for a teenage girl and I read the report on her, it says her body was completely disfigured from the fall. Also, Maya’s body was buried a year after Ali’s and her parents buried her in her hometown, I believe.

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Toby learns the truth in this sneak peek clip!


emison in 5x04

i walked in that police station because you convinced me to come home

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"She’s a walking time bomb. But it’s never Ali who blows up, It’s everything and everyone around her."

Melissa Hastings 5x01

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Aria Montgomery in “EscApe from New York”

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okay so hiatus has ended as PLL has begun, i will answer your questions tomorrow sorry

"Once Ezra tells us who A is, this will all be over."

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EscApe From New York - Shana Theory

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