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Anonymous: am i the only one who thinks that whoever hit ali must have been listening to the girls conversation because it's too coincidental that Ali tells the girls that her mom saw who tried to kill her and then her mom gets buried. Also, Toby going to London doesn't add up..Melissa says "I ran into spencer's boyfriend in London." ran into him? i doubt Melissa casually ran into him on a street in London. Idk this episode just left us with more questions than answers.

Whoever hit ali??? Do you mean the gunman/ woman? yeah definitely and i find it really stupid that Ali just tells all in such an open space? Like?! And yeah but it’s explained that Toby flew to London in order to meet Melissa and bring her back because ‘Spencer needs her’, whether we believe it or not an explanation is sorta given! And yeah same, I like knowing the events of that night though it makes things clearer!



And you have to remember: You can never turn your back on a Hastings!
- Jessica DiLaurentis

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Anonymous: In what episode is the flashback where Aria bumps into ezra on her way to her dads Office?? Xoxo

Episode 2x13 ‘The First Secret’ (A Halloween Episode)



So the actors at the PLL 5x11 table read were…


Ashley Benson (Hanna)

Troian Bellisario (Spencer)

Lucy Hale (Aria)

Shay Mitchell (Emily)

Sasha Pieterse (Alison)

Janel Parrish (Mona)

Ian Harding (Ezra)

Lindsey Shaw (Paige)

Brant Daugherty (Noel)

Brendan Robinson (Lucas)

Nolan North (Peter Hastings)

*More to come…

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I killed Alison: A break down of Ian’s suicide note:

This is our attempt to break down Ian’s suicide note through photos and we have a theory to follow this.


So there is a lot of theories going around about what Melissa said to Mrs Hastings in the PLL finale. Marlene King had this to say about it…

"On the day the actor [Torrey DeVitto] did tell the truth about something and she whispers it out loud and I made sure in post we cut it out so nobody could hear it. We wanted it to be real for the actors so they really understood the gravity of the situation."

Hopefully we will find out in Season 5A what Melissa said! 

Retracing the Events at the Bell Tower - Did Ali Kill Ian?


We’ve been trying to figure out what exactly happened to Ian Thomas as well as, why Noel Kahn was in the finale.

The Bell Tower:

1. She hit her head and never woke up …


During the struggle between Spencer and Ian at the Bell Tower, Ian recites a possible suicide note for Spencer as he…

jeezkpb: Anyone else notice aria was the only one wearing gloves with her wedding dress for the event at the dilaurentis house?

She’s always the one with something different


purplecoatpll: I was just reading your blog and saw the picture of the mouth of the girl in the coffin in the pll opening sequence. She appears to have a freckle on her cheek, exactly like the one Spencer has. What do you think?

You’re the second person to message me saying it could be Spencer! I don’t want it to be (oops) but after reading your thoughts I’m suspecting her a lot more!! Thanks for your input xx

indieater: There is a flashback where Aria is running to her Dad's office and she sees Meredith laying on the couch, reading a book. ((She doesnt know who Meredith is)). While shes running to her Dads office, she bumps into someone who looks A LOT like Ezra. I watched the flashback again and Im convinced its Ezra.

Yeah it is Ezra! That’s the point of that episode, to show how everything connected in the past :)

Anonymous: What about Toby's tattoo? Doesn't anyone remember, it says 901 free at last. I know it's the day Ali went missing but does it have any other significance because why would he get it then, I don't think he ever truly hated Ali so why do you think

He explains that it is the day Jenna was sent away and he was free from her :)

Anonymous: Hey! here's something I've been thinking about, Ali's mom paid cece to stay quiet, we saw Spencer got a message in the promo: “I know you dig her grave, now i am digging yours” the paper looks like kind of old, like if it was from someone else. What if Ali's mom wanted Ali death? I know is something really crazy but why would you pay somebody to stay quiet about something so dangerous for your children? hanna has to know something important also, it's always Spencer or Emily, never hanna! why?

I LOVE THIS HAHAAHA i was thinking the same thing and now there’s more evidence to prove it??? 

Also ‘It’s always Spencer or Emily, never Hanna!’ WHAT BOUT ARIA?!?! But i do see where you’re coming from, good points x